Kitty Cat Kitten earrings just hanging around

Kitty Cat Kitten earrings just hanging around


Kitty cats just hanging around earrings is currently SOLD OUT and on a 4-6 week WAITLIST (excluding shipping time)

Order now to get on the list to secure your kitties!😻

Such sweet kittens just dangling on your ears!
Are they acrobats on golden rings or just playful felines ? !
Each cat has their own personalities with their swinging hook tails :)
Also makes a lovely gift for crazy cat people . . .

Earrings approximately 35mm long
Ear hooks are solid TITANIUM for sensitive ears



silver plate, brass, gold plate, TITANIUM

  • Please do not shower or bathe with your jewellery. Also do not use any beauty products like perfume, soaps, lotions, hairspray etc on or near your jewellery. They can damage or wear the finish of your items!

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